Sun Square Uranus – Jan 10

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Around dinnertime on Monday we will have an adjustment to make around our subconscious desires and our relating-ships. Tuesday around noon (all times are EST) we will have clarifying awareness.

At 5:34pm on Monday Venus at 6:59 Pisces Ses-Squares Jupiter at 21:59 Libra.

Venus rules Jupiter in Libra right now so there is plenty of refined and healing energy on tap. The Ses-Square requires an adjustment that results in an ease. Here we are going to adjust some subconscious desires in order to better relate to someone who is more mature, a foreigner, a very intelligent person or a grandparent type. OR we will need to adjust our philosophy towards relating in order to better maintain a non-possessive hold on someone.

But the rest of Monday night should offer some un-going clarity and awareness as the next aspect applies.

At 11:22am on Tuesday the Sun at 20:38 Capricorn Squares…

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