Sex, Gratitude, Relating & the Full Moon-Jan 11

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Late Tuesday night, we could find intimacy easy to find. By morning we can find some gratitude for the shame/guilt/emotional manipulation of the last year. And by dinner time we will have some awareness of how our power challenges our reciprocal relating.

At 2:15am on Wednesday Mars at 17:18 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:18 Capricorn.

Here we will be motivated to merge without hesitation. It could be with someone of authority over us. We could find they want to finance our new project or draw closer to us in physical terms. This could be an aspect that makes it easier for men to work/merge together. Since Pluto began Transiting Capricorn, the Sign of the father and authority, men on men sexual harassment has been more the issue than men on women. OR women using their power to get sex from men who work for them. Whatever the case, this…

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