Dramatic Full Moon in Cancer this Thursday

Lindsey DePeri-Franz

This week brings a problematic full moon in Cancer early Thursday morning and a tricky astrological ‘square’ on the same day: be prepared for DRAMA and heightened emotions!!!

Full moons always bring ‘pressure’ and added stress but this particular full moon on January 12th in Cancer can have you feeling like you are on an emotional boomerang. This is a one-day vortex, prime for attracting the energy of surprises, frustrations and face-offsthat will send you (or someone around you) off in an angry tailspin.

What to do???

My number one advice this week is to try to see frustration through a lens of compassion. Venus having moved into Pisces on Jan 3rd (it will stay there for the next 6 weeks) helps to soften tensions when we take an empathetic perspective.

Also, it’s hard to see in the heat of the moment, but we often ‘project’ frustrations…

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