Russian Revolution



Russian Spirituality

(Originally published 1/03/2015 at Man From Atlan ~ Spiritual Answers For The New Age, even more relevant now).

I try not to attach too much to any one country. Each country, each region, has its own karma, just as individuals and peoples do. But I was reminded to write my long delayed piece about Russia when I met a Russian December 31st who needed help. I promised her she’d be all right.

There is an undercurrent of spirituality which is part of a country’s ethos. It isn’t religion vs. materialism, it’s the choice we all face in balancing karma vs spiritualism.

I’m going to remind people of a blog I wrote three years ago, October 02, 2011 The Rape Of Europa which is now coming to completion. There, I referred to Vladimir Putin, who said the breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest natural disaster it had…

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