Mercury Comes Out of Retrograde! 

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Mercury comes out of Retrograde!

Mercury, is the planet that rules over our way of thinking and how we express ourselves…

retreats from grounded Capricorn back into overly optimistic Sagittarius today, where it stays for just a short time – through January 12th. And this energy is already quite strong!
We’ve already been starting to deal first hand with misunderstandings and circumstances that seem beyond our control, and we might be feeling somewhat blocked from performing certain tasks, (for example the app I use to write these blogs suddenly crashed without any backup last night, while I was editing this blog, and I lost everything I had written for two days.) So this can be an extremely frustrating and difficult time for some folks, who like myself have a personal “Astrology Chart” full of Mercury ruled planets! But for others this cycle is just simply annoying when plans get…

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