Awareness, NOT Positivity

5D Astrology

On New Year’s Day I was at a gathering of locals to ‘Toast Our Town’ and its expansion. They allowed a newcomer to get up and make a toast. Her toast was largely addressed towards me as I had encountered her the week before and told her I didn’t WANT to do a website for her new business because she was new to town and bringing outside big banking money. I would rather help the small, local-owned businesses. The bankers don’t need my assistance for the pittance that I charged the locals.

So she got up and kind of lectured us all on being ‘positive.’ A very nice catch-phrase for all the Baby-Boomers in the room (95% of those in attendance).

I consider a Baby-Boomer to be someone who has Natal Neptune in Libra. Their ‘ideal reality’ (Neptune) is for everyone to GET ALONG. They don’t care what is REALLY…

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