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The best New Year’s resolutions, according to your astrological sign

 Keep reading for your zodiac guide to New Year’s resolutions—and here’s to a happy, healthy 2017.
Happiness tips for Aries
Illustration: Julia Wu


What resolution to make
As Saturn moves through your 9th house this year, your most challenging resolution will revolve around expanding your mind through higher education and travel. With Jupiter moving through your 7th house, your easiest resolution will revolve around being a good partner—listening, being mindful of boundaries, and noticing your relationship patterns.

How to accomplish it
Start strong. Aries is a cardinal sign, and cardinal energy is initiative. This sign loves to start new projects because it’s exhilarating. For those born under Aries, a whole year is too long for a resolution—they lose steam. Aries should start fresh with a new resolution every three months.

As a passionate fire sign, Aries needs to be able to take action on resolutions…

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