2017: The Year of Writing Better Stories

Jessica Davidson

I kept trying to write this post but didn’t know what to say. How do you follow a year like 2016? What a mess! This upheaval has been a long time coming – there’s nothing strange or unexpected about it. If you understand how reality works, it all makes perfect sense. (Honest!)

People are freaking out because their stories are imploding – then again, it depends on what stories you believe in. The more rigid your worldview, the harder it will be for you to adapt to what’s coming. The reckoning and rebalance won’t arrive for a few years, but we’re on the way to some huge shifts in the collective consciousness due in 2020.

These are the last years of Empire. The old paradigms and worldviews no longer work. It’s time to let go of the past and allow our dysfunctional mindsets to transform as we move into the

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