Transiting Moon Gets Us in Tip Top Shape for the New Year

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By Natalie Miller

According to the 13 sign astrology system, the Moon entered the sign of Capricorn, and the stars of Capricorn (the beauty of the 13 sign system), yesterday at 8:15 pm in New York/ 5:15 pm in LA.  After such an emotionally rambunctious year and with Mercury still drifting backward (retrograde till January 9th) on a useless hunt through Sagittarius’ battlefield of carnage, Capricorn’s hard handed leadership may be just what we need to collect ourselves in time for the new year: “Capricorn attempts to order the Moon around like a drill sergeant thinking that a stern, implacable, and systemic environment is the best way to deal with emotions,” says Eric Seligson, who maintains

“The otherwise uncontrollable subconscious whims must travel through the filter of Capricorn’s practical approach to their expression,” Seligson says.  “The Moon wants to tap into a myriad of feelings, while…

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