2017 The Year of the Rooster

Digital Empire


Are you prepared for the new year? 2016 was the year of the monkey, and since the monkey is the master of making deals, things having to do with trades, deals and exchange in 2016 were supercharged. Many resourceful individuals made out like bandits in 2016, but now it’s time to prepare for a big change of pace.

2017 is the year of the rooster.  The rooster is not a strange creature.  It is every thing that you have ever heard about it. Very confident, and very sure of itself, brimming with energy, and unbound by complacency, the rooster will stop at nothing to prove that he is right.

It is a year for both actions and words, and you will be hard pressed to separate the two from each other.  The rooster is always sure that he is correct.

Even when he is confronted with the facts, the rooster…

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