* 12 Days of Christmas and the Zodiac?

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The 12 Days go from Dec 26 until Jan 6 / Epiphany.
Some say they start from Christmas night Dec 25 / 26, and each ‘Day’ starts with the eve / night leading into it.

Two directions can be taken, forward or backward in the Zodiac, both equally valid and complementary. And the combination of directions reveals even more.
The first Day of Christmas, today Dec 26 is be the Day of ARIES, and / or the Day of PISCES.

Would you like to tune in and see whether there is a message for you from those energies?

angers_cathedral_south_rose_window_of_christ_with_zodiacPhoto: Angers Cathedral South Rose Window of Christ (centre) with Elders (bottom half) and Zodiac (top half). Mediaeval stained glass by Andre Robin after the fire of 1451. Lots of astrological symbolism in Christianity and its architecture, by the way!

Here is the whole line-up of dates and corresponding 12-Day Zodiac…

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