Winter Solstice & Clarifying Power Structures- Dec 21

“The alignments over this Holiday period are nearly as profound, or maybe more, than Dec 21, 2012’s End of the Mayan Calendar which was a cosmological upgrade to our Sun and ourselves.” I agree. 2011/2012 was the BEGINNING, not the end.

5D Astrology

About 5:45am (EST) this morning, the Sun ingressed Capricorn. Now our clarity will be coming in around all things dealing with public authority, father-like authority, power, public structures such as governments, banks and corporations.

Interestingly, all day on Tuesday the Sun began to cross over Mercury’s Retrograde cycle which began at 28:52 Sagittarius. Now the Sun will be providing the ‘reality’ of these situations to us as the Sun Transits to meet up with Mercury and then Pluto.

28:52 Sagittarius to 15:07 Capricorn is the same span of degrees that Pluto has been Transiting over the last 9 year cycle… in Numerology, this is a complete cycle. Pluto is finally past the first half of Capricorn as well and will begin to transform the destruction he has brought to these areas of our lives. It is still another 9 or so years until he leaves Capricorn.

But from now until…

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