Winter Solstice 2016: Time to regenerate?

Holistic Transformation

Wednesday December 21st 2016- The Sun moves into Capricorn as the Winter Solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere).

Astrologically, we have a few standouts: As the Sun moves from the critical degree of Sagittarius and into Capricorn, we have Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is helping us this Solstice, it is good to have it it Sag this time around. The combination of the two gives us some steady feet to go on this internal adventure. Sag is optimistic and Capricorn is not always so. Saturn rules Capricorn (as well as Aquarius), so its effect is amplified when the Sun is in a planet that it rules. Capricorn can be relentless, it is cardinal Earth, so this is a time to move into the last pieces of internal work (have you felt it this past few months?) with gusto. Yes, it is almost Christmas, it is…

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