Mercury Retrograde: Puppet Master

If we’re going to start off by being honest, Mercury retrogrades are not fun nor do they have a good name. It’s like Hermes on crack- We then are confronted with constant warnings of being careful on a test, how miscommunications can happen, or how to not plan romantic dates, etc. It feels like a hotspot for personal and social disasters to occur.

Except a Mercury retrograde can be extremely helpful in cleaning the cobwebs in the area of life (the house) it’s taking rest in, as well as progress things in yourself that need cleaning. Mercury is actually quite helpful when you allow it to be.Hence, a Mercury retrograde is tired prancing around and somsuperthumb-40ehow connected its nature not only to the social world but especially you. It is taking the steps down to the subconscious (similar to how Hermes traveled to the underworld) and is…

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