Magic Takes Us into Mercury Rx-Dec18&19

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Sunday provides magical subconscious clarity that is the best place to focus as Mercury stalls to Station Retrograde and our lower/vanity mind is not stable. Monday morning brings some minor irritation from our plans to our subconscious motivation.

At 6:17pm the Sun at 27:29 Sagittarius Quintile Neptune at 9:29 Pisces.

It doesn’t get much better than this aspect between our purpose and goals and our subconscious mind. The Sun is the strongest luminary that allows us to peer into the murky, deep waters of Neptune. In a 5D, magical aspect, we can expect to see how things far more clearly. The Sun in Sagittarius is operating under the benevolence of Jupiter’s energies taking our clarity into higher altitudes. Depending on which Houses you have 27+ Sagittarius and 9+ Pisces will determine any characters involved in what you see and more about the area of our life that you will see…

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