16. The Tower (first attempt)

Terrible Tarot

Placement: The Major Arcana

I would like to present an examination of The Tower, the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana, but alas I must postpone this as I find myself in a pickle. A most severe pickle. A great throbbing pickle soaked in scorpion pepper and rubbing alcohol.

To raise enough money for a down payment on our new headquarters, Julen Ibarra, Crystal Balque and I have taken on an engagement to perform tarot readings at a corporate Christmas banquet. However, due to scheduling problems, weather, and my petsitting responsibilities, we were forced to take a go via makeshift dog sled. A dogsled is cramped for two passengers, let alone three, but the kind boy who lent us his GT Snow Racer recommended the following.

“After you get there, take off your gloves and stand on your hands and make toes with your fists.”

I am not nearly limber…

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