You rock, you white rock!

Allelujah, Arizona!

‘Tis the full moon.

In Gemini, 22 degrees. Tempting it be, not gonna write much about this full moon astrologically or personally. Only that full moons are when a matter or matters achieve fruition; what the matter is depends on where in your chart the full moon falls and other individual astrological aspects.

“Sorry,” guys, contrary to horoscopes published in newspapers would have you believe, astrology ‘n’ full moons ‘n’ more ain’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Inconvenient but true.

That said, this full moon in Gemini’s got me sitting up taking notice. Because, in my chart, it speaks of subconscious or deeply intimate issues achieving fruition or coming to a head.

Note: The effort, nee need, to move. Not written of it so not expecting anyone to follow along :-).

Suffice it to say it’s time to move on from this current roommate situation into albeit another roommate situation (ugh) with better harmony…

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