Magical, Changed Desires-Dec 14

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Early morning on Wednesday we will have a bit of irritation between our desires and our higher consciousness philosophy. But by evening time, there is some very nice magic available.

At 6:13am the Sun at 22:54 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Venus at 7:54 Aquarius.

Separating from the Full Moon, the Sun has seen what it needs to in order to make plans and goals to live in the global arena. So this aspect is likely to serve more by helping us to eliminate some avenues we don’t need to consider. Venus is thinking about circulating in the social network. She is ready to use her own funds to help others out. The Sun knows where we need to engage ourselves in the big scheme of things. Any irritation should only serve to highlight where the best overlap of these 2 ideas can be realized.

If your desires are surprising and shocking…

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