Resources for Astrologers

Many important bloggers not mentioned here. Otherwise OK.

Jessica Davidson

Welcome to the resources page for astrologers where you’ll find links to useful sites, astrologers, and blogs to help you on your astrological journey. These are some of the places I’ve found most helpful. Bookmark this page!



Astro Databank – birth data and horoscopes of thousands of public figures

Astrodienst – one of the best sites for horoscopes, resources and articles

Astrology Ephemeris – data covering 9,000 years for the positions of all planets in downloadable pdf files

Astrology News Service – tons of excellent articles about astrology

The Centre for Psychological Astrology – courses, online tuition, seminars, and free magazine downloads of Apollon

Chaos Astrology – comprehensive site covering horoscopes, interpretation, transits, articles, and more

The Dark Pixie Astrology – predictions and interpretations, plus a blog

The Faculty of Astrological Studies – courses, online seminars, and articles

Skyscript – tons of articles and resources

Richard Tarnas – articles and…

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