Monday 12/12/16

Journey by the sea

Monday 12th December , 2016

The Moon in Gemini

Moon trines Venus in Aquarius and squares Neptune in Pisces.

The Sun forms a square with Chiron.

What a sensational week! The Moon goes into Gemini.The day can seem to go very fast, that’s the plus about a Gibbous Moon in the quicksilver sign of Gemini. That’s music for anyone ears if they find on Monday’s they are over worked and overwhelmed.Gemini energy is great for mental motivation, seeking out conversation,socialization, interaction, and information.

The Sun in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aires. This is a big deal, the Sun represents all the energy that drive’s us to get us going and when it trines Uranus in Aires, we are driven and motivated. We capture the Aires attitude of go and get them!! Don’t let things get in your way!!

The Gemini Moon trines Venues in Aquarius and squares Neptune in Pisces. So…

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