The constancy of Saturn

9th House


Things take time.

One does not become wise with the accumulation of diplomas but with the slow movement towards death that we like to call maturity. You cannot buy experience; you have to wait patiently at the threshold of time.

Observe with humility what unfolds
Take notes
Act accordingly

There are no better instruction manual for life than time. With the wisdom acquired one realizes that he knows nothing at all and this is when the true learning journey begins.

The adversity of reality builds strength of character and reveals its underlying truth one drop at a time. For the steep price of aging we discover the secrets that remains hidden to the hubris of youth. The finality of death can be a fantastic teacher for those who are eager to learn. Where one only sees restrictions the student of Saturn sees a learning opportunity.
*Saturn is currently at 18º of…

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1 thought on “The constancy of Saturn

  1. OrionBrightStar

    Sublime wisdom, difficult and challenging teacher as all those who come to know that they know, know. Nevertheless that is a journey that must be undertaken if one is to truly begin to understand. Great work and share, thank you, regards, Barry

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