Week of December 5, 2016

Libra Seeking Balance

Mist rising from the water

Fire and air heat up the sky this week, happily stirring the pot. For better or worse this week’s sharp, clear edges are going to bring some real eye openers after the past couple of weeks of living with the Neptune fog machine. Mercury is now in cardinal Capricorn who specializes in precise, well organized thinking.

Another inner planet changes signs this week when Venus leaves conservative Capricorn for free thinking Aquarius. Venus and Mars in Aquarius, along with Jupiter in Libra, give us three planets in air. All the elements are represented now though the only planet in water is Neptune in Pisces. Cardinal fire and air dominate the sky, and along with solid input from all the elements we can move forward with more confidence.

Venus and Mars in unconventional Aquarius may lead us into some unique situations where our love lives are concerned. We could meet the…

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