Mercury Retrograde December 19th 2016- January 8th 2017

Aligned for Mercury Retrograde

This Mercury Retrograde period starts at 15 degrees of Capricorn, which is mighty close to an exact conjunction with Pluto. Pluto is ponderous and deep. It suggests we take a good, long almost meditative look as the circumstances we are dealing with. Given that’ it’s the holidays many memories both good and bad can arise, unbidden from the cashe where they are stored. Mercury retrograde suggest that there is nothing to be done about the past but there is power in respecting that this is where we come from, these are the nutrients that have made us what we are. As Mercury journeys through the past it will sextile Neptune on December 26th suggesting opportunities to understand from a nonlinear perspective. The conjunction with the Sun which is always the most significant day of the retrograde period occurs on December 28th just before the New Moon. This conjunction happens along…

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