Friday 9/12/16

Journey by the sea

Friday December 9th, 2016.

The Moon is in Aries.

The Sun in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter.

The Moon remains in bold , hot-headed Aries today. When the Moon is in pioneering Aries our energy will pick up and we can feel a dynamic aspects, that encourage us to pursuit new ideas.

The Moon makes some powerful connections to Pluto, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Today can be light-hearted and intense, it’s a wild card day and can present as smooth an exciting, with some moments of stress and aggravation and unexpected surprises.

The Sun in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter. The Sun in Sagittarius loves moving forward and is very optimistic. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and going large , under this influence we have opportunity to expand, excitement is in the air we are hopeful under this aspect.  We can be especially sociable and generous under this influence.This puts a high…

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