News from the Sky!

Divination Counseling Service

By: Colleen Schmidt

Today December 5, 2016 has some interesting lessons from the skies.  First Aquarius Moon is in close conjunction to Pallas (both at 24 degrees of Aquarius) right here is something that can be used to educate us on the astrology.  The Moon represents women but it also represents things like the public in general as well as moods, emotions and the stuff in us that gives us security.  Moon is associated with food for example.

Pallas is a compromising energy.  Here it is all about pleasing others and strategy that is used to get other people to like them.  So with all that is going on right now one need to ask at least some of us are is someone going overboard to try and please another or other people in general.  Are women in particular expected to be more compromising?  It also begs the question of…

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