Mercury in Capricorn

Rubys Astro Readings

Rubys Astro Readings
Friday, Nov 2nd
“Taking Care of Business”
Mercury the planet that rules our lower mind, the way we think and process our thoughts is shifting into very slow-moving, methodical Capricorn today, so you might notice your thinking is more slowed down and you can feel like planning everything out. It will remain in Capricorn longer than usual due to its upcoming Retrograde cycle, so we might wanna get used to this energy for the next three weeks because in mid-January will have to deal with it again for nearly a month all the way through mid-February.
Yes, Mercury is preparing now to slow down as it goes into the shadow of its Retrograde cycle starting Dec 19th and then goes into its actual Retrograde cycle around Jan 4th. … But you might notice the slowdown happening already with lots of folks complaining about electronic and communication snafus!

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