Initiate a Random Act of Kindness-Dec 2-5

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Noon on Friday brings an irritation around our subconscious desires. Saturday morning we have productive motivations for expansive awareness.

At 12:13pm on Friday Venus at 24:17 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 9:17 Pisces.

Venus and Neptune in 3D aspects can create subconscious, or uneasy, desires around attractions. This is a minor one, but if you feel a bit of ‘stay away’ energy occurring, remember that is 3D separation consciousness and shake it off. Venus in Capricorn is still a material girl, typically. The way a woman uses her power could irritate today. Or you could easily have some fear of ‘lack’ creep in or a worry of others finding out your not as ‘solvent’ as you have led them to believe. These are all 3D variations of these Planetary energies. You can feel them and let the energy roll right off of you… or laugh at yourself when you recognize…

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