Thursday 1/12/16

Journey by the sea

Thursday December 1st, 2016.

Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra.

The New Moon in Capricorn.

Chiron in Pisces.

Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra. Expansion and drive take form today, we are innovative and very evolutionary in our actions today. We have great skills today at taping into our life and seeing what needs changing, along with the drive to make the changes. Be the change you want to see in the world. Growth and a desire for positive change within our relationships is strong today. Give of yourself to the cause you believe in.

The New Moon is in Capricorn.When the Moon resides in Capricorn , we are hard-working, disciplined and ready to be serious in our actions we take. We are focused on effort, and if we can can focus this energy on working with others we will see a much greater outcome and benefit us on…

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