Pluto and the Nodes of Fate

5D Astrology

So, the last week has been intense as only Pluto would have it!! While Saturn is applying to Oppose my Ascendant, the Nodes of Fate are just separating from their Conjunction to my Natal Pluto.

Remember that job I took rather surprisingly in August? Well, I told one of the managers a few weeks ago that my ‘boss’ would probably let me go the first week of Dec due to Saturn Opposing my Ascendant Conjunct my boss’s Natal Chiron. It happened a bit earlier than I thought, but the Nodes of Fate separating from Pluto accelerated the pace. I am actually SOOOOO relieved. Each day that I woke up to go to this job I was thinking, ‘What the HELL am I doing?’ “Jobs are NOT me!!”

However, my North Node IS in Virgo, the Sign of ‘jobs’ and work, co-workers, bosses, managers, daily routine, etc. As the Nodes were…

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