A Shot in the Dark: New Moon in Sagittarius

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Blessings of the New Moon in Sagittarius. Please enjoy a recorded Pathworking of Action with this post…


November 29.2016
New Moon in Sagittarius
7:18a.m. (EST)

Sun in Sagittarius

There are times when we feel powerless in affecting change in the way that we would wish. Times that are particularly difficult to navigate and the anticipation of what the future will bring is colored by doubt and fear. We push and strain to let our voices be heard and in the best of it, we step more fully into our power. In the worst, we feel that all of our efforts have been a shot in the dark. Each strike sent out from a tense bow of frustration and an exaggerated aim that often overreaches the goal we loosely had in mind.

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