Aries Jupiter

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

*Aries Jupiter birth dates listed below
Aries Jupiter people tend to expand in a very self driven fashion. Their thirst for adventure is very much based on their own passions and desires. When they act from a primal place, they are learning about the world. Sex, competitions, or places with high masculine energies help them gain profound understanding.
They seem to be lucky when it comes to acting on their own desires, as long as they act in positive ways. Whatever they put into making their wants happen expands. Their actions go a long way. However, if they’re angry or don’t know how to self express, the resulting problems will be bigger than typical. As long as they know how to act, the good things grow.
The knowledge these people pursue is largely based off of their own energy and what that is telling them. They don’t always have a lot…

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