Astrology: My Natal Chart

Eclectic Kyaza

I mentioned in my previous post that my astrological chart is indicative of the fact that I am meant to be a spiritual seeker. For those who can interpret natal charts, mine is below.

Free Chart 63%

I’m not really going to delve into the meaning of everything in my chart because there’s plenty of information on the internet if you’re interested enough to look it up. I know, however, that it’s hard for those who have never worked with charts to understand how to read them, so here’s a very basic breakdown:

  • Sun in Sagittarius in 8th house
  • Moon in Pisces in 12th house
  • Ascendant in Aries
  • Mercury in Scorpio in 8th house
  • Venus in Sagittarius in 9th house
  • Mars in Scorpio in 7th house
  • Jupiter in Aries in 1st house
  • Saturn in Sagittarius in 9th house
  • Uranus in Sagittarius in 9th house
  • Neptune in Capricorn in 10th house
  • Pluto in Scorpio…

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