11/25 Horoscope

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

There’s a lot of energy going on in the first few hours of the day. Overnight, there was some good energy for building for the future. A little later you may have a more active mind. Listen to any ideas you may get. There may be something helpful there. Around sunrise, relationships sync up with some powerful energy, perhaps bringing up some of the things that came up last night. Do your best to let go and heal. It’s possible you may feels a little stifled because of what has been going on with others. That’s okay. Take some time to do something weird and rebellious, just for you. You need an outlet for all this energy, so you might as well take control and make sure it’s a positive one.

Transits of the day:

  • Moon sextile Saturn, 12:52 am
  • Moon sextile Mercury, 5:28 am
  • Venus conjunct Pluto, 6:50 am

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