Capricorn Mars

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

When Capricorn Mars people act, they do so with their future in mind. If they don’t, they’ll be reminded of how significant their actions are in shaping their future.

They’re very passionate about their careers. A lot of the things they do take place in the public eye, so it’s important for them to be very serious. They can’t just act on a whim. They have to be responsible.

When these people are angry, they generally keep it well controlled. They may have had a self-drive. father and learned about the need for inner authority through watching him. When it comes to sex, they either like to take control and feel powerful or they like a partner who will take that power from them. They can get a sense of relief from their normally disciplined energy by creating a safe space to give someone else that responsibility. Anything these people…

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