3D Mind in the T-Square-Nov 18

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Friday we will feel squeezed from various angles that will result in an ability to recognize ‘duality’. But the day wraps up with magical awareness and healing by Saturday morning.

A tight 3-way aspect dominates Friday morning as Mercury Squares the Nodes of Fate and Neptune, still in orb from their Opposition on Thursday.

At 9:58am on Friday Mercury at 9:11 Sagittarius Squares the North Node at 9:11 Virgo.

At 11:04am Mercury at 9:15 Sagittarius Squares Neptune Rx at 9:15 Pisces.

The North Node is still in very tight orb with the Opposition to Neptune and Mercury is in a T-Square of energy between the North Node and Neptune. Mercury in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and he is better able to see the ‘big picture’ and understand the nature of the duality his 3D thinking creates. In a Square to the North Node, Mercury has to consider…

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