Super Moon in Taurus 


The night of November 13 to the midnight of November 14 which is the super moon in Taurus when I put my crystals in charge. If you have crystals and into the oocult, the mystical side of things when you shouldn’t have no need to understand because it’s mystical. If you’re skeptical, there’s no need to understand God’s works either. If you’re atheist, go with the program or not as if you can’t believe in the omnipresent. The teacher is quiet in the mist of the testing storm when you have the will to do what you can as your mind encourage to be adventurous upon something which brings me to wonder if the super moon in Taurus is the symbol of greed in the anicent days. The disobient and nonbelievers switch their belief of a golden bull or a cow in some sort of an idol. The omipresent don’t…

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