Full moon in bharani

Thank Gaia

Bharani means yoni , the female sex organ, and is governed by the lord of death Yama.

What an irony death to be presiding over the organ of procreation.

Certainly though whatever takes birth must die.

In this ominous note this moon s meaning is about letting go like the menstrual blood of an ovum that is not fertilized

As a fertilized ovum is fertilized by death only!

What is this life other than a slow movement to death

What then is death other than the all devouring yoni of existence?

This full moon is fertile with your desire and the end of your desire

All you want and all you miss you have to let go in grace

Eating pomegranate and thinking of Persephone the way she is the queen of the underworld where shamans go for the glory of the unknown yet.

There is jasmine blooming and a…

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