By The Light of the Silvery Supermoon

The New City Witches Cocktail Coven

As we all take to the rooftops tonight, gazing anxiously through the clouds to see the supermoon at its closest point to the Earth in 69 years, what will be going through your mind?

Will it be the question of the windchill factor up there? or whether the silvery rays of light will help you get lucky tonight?

Are you looking out for The Man In The Moon? Maybe getting hungry for green cheese?

Will you be bearing in mind that in the Middle Ages, the moon was said to to rule drunkards, and acting accordingly?

(Which I will come to later, with a transparent Moonbeam cocktail)man_on_the_moon_pub_sign

– will you be deciding that it’s a marvellous night for a Moondance?

Or perhaps just indulging in that most lunar of pastimes, a little lycanthropy?


As long as we can keep it together, because it’s all good fun until somebody loses…

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