Clarifying and Detoxifying Weekend-Nov11-13

5D Astrology

Snapshot: As Friday night gets into full swing we have some magical clarity around our pursuit of unusual sexual or financial opportunities. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, the clarity shifts into subconscious ease. But by dinnertime, words could irritate a bit. Sunday is Soulful and clarifying with a possible expression of your desires by evening.

At 6:21pm on Friday night the Sun at 20:00 Scorpio Quintiles Mars at 2:00 Aquarius.

Mars rules Scorpio (along with Pluto which shows the source of Scorpionic intensity) so we have some passion for sure. The magical/5D aspect means this can go down very well. In 3D, Scorpio and Aquarian energies are Karmic, or Square to each other. But this magical aspect gives us an entirely new take on the result of merging these 2 Signs. What is unusual (Aquarian) is magically acceptable as a financial or physical pursuit. We can take our motivations to a…

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