Making America Great Again – a (very painful) necessary first step

Pleazure Seekers

Like many last night, I watched in horrific amazement as Donald Trump was voted in as the US President.

His championing of disenfranchised American workers, his utter rejection of the status quo  (both politically and socially) and his promise to Make America Great Again .. it all resonated.

Firstly, and it pains me to say this, a lot of what Trump said was correct. Many, many Americans have not done well under the past two decades of trade liberalization, globalization and urbanization.  They have been left out of 20 years of increasing global prosperity.  Upward mobility – the pride and lynchpin of the American system – is at an all time low; never before has there been so much certainty in the US that if you’re born poor, you’ll stay poor.  And this simple fact rankles Americans at their most basic level.  The promise of upward mobility has been, for more…

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