Gemini Mars

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Gemini Mars people assert themselves with their words. Communication is essential to their self and their identity.

These people tend to be active, but they don’t really have a long attention span. Rather they bounce from interest to interest as they get bored. Their energy is directed towards learning about a lot of different things rather than going deep into one thing.

When these people are angry, their words will hurt. Fortunately they don’t stay mad for very long, moving on to another focus soon enough. When it comes to sex, they tend to like dirty talk. Whatever they do, it’s important their mind is stimulated, otherwise they’ll just try to find stimulation somewhere else. They may be very active in their community, and if they have siblings they may like doing things with them. These people are social by nature and get a sense of energy from being around…

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