The Universe is a Transient Circuit Board

5D Astrology

Isn’t it ironic? That the most definitive phrase to capture my ‘5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything (TOE) presentation on my YouTube channel and it was cut off in editing of that clip… 😉 See HERE

So the title of this post, “The Universe is a Transient Circuit Board” is the final phrase of the video linked here. When we fully comprehend that everything is set in some sort of mixed motion (at this stage of consciousness) then we are merely moving through the frames of a 3D/virtual reality simulation/live stage play.

A few weeks ago (you remember because I wasn’t blogging) I went down to visit my ‘son’ in North Carolina rather unexpectedly (Uranus). My ‘son’ was in the middle of 2 Heartbreak Transits (Transiting Saturn Opposite Natal Chiron and Transiting Chiron Square Natal Saturn) and many other very hard aspects all brought to bear at the same…

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