Case Study: Essential Dignity in Horary Astrology

The Astrology Junkie

Medieval Astrologers give high regard to the Planets’ Essential dignities. From Mundane to Horary Astrology, Essential dignities hold significant weight in judging the chart to accurately delineate interpretations, predictions and choose an auspicious time to start an activity. Medieval Astrologers points out that good aspects like Trine and Sextile does not guarantee a good outcome if the planets involved in the aspect is without reception and is in poor condition. This holds true especially for the Moon and Planets as applied in Horary charts.

According to Guido Bonatti, one of the considerations that one looks onto in judging a Horary chart is the condition of the Moon and its dispositor. He discussed that if the Moon is in his own house or exaltation and is applying an aspect or transferring light to the planet signifying the matter asked then the querent would certainly get what he or she is asking…

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