What is Ascendant, Moon Sign and Sun Sign ?

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If you have been reading astrology to know your future, you often come across this terms – Moon or Chandra Rashi, Sun Sign (Western Astrology) and Ascendant (Or the Lagna)

So are you Leo ? or Aquarius ? or Capricorn – No WAIT !!!

Newspaper say my Sun sign as per my Birth date is Aquarius but my Astrologer (Jyotish) says you are Makkar (Capricorn) with Leo Lagna (Ascendant)

Well, what does that mean dont Get Confused ? We crack them all …

You know we see Birth chart as the sky – the sky at the time of your birth. Not today’s sky.

Note where yourSunis placed: In which Sign ? – that becomes yourSUN SIGN.

Note whereMoonis placed in which sign of the sky the day and time you were born – that becomes yourMOON SIGN.

The Ascendant or the…

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