Venus – The Gamechanger

The Metropolitan Monk

Venus, popularly known as Lord Shukra is a crucial planet in our Solar system and an integral part of the astrological study. Venus symbolises love, material benefits, beauty, artistic description, etc., Venus owns Taurus and Libra out of the twelve Zodiac signs. Venus has its shoulders strengthened by Saturn, Mercury and Rahu(The Northern Node). Their opponent side led by Sun sports its enemical planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Kethu(The Southern Node). Venus blesses the native with limitless joy, pleasure and enables him/her to enjoy all the luxury available on earth. Venus if not placed with Kethu(The Dragon’s Tail), trine with Kethu, 2,12 from Kethu provides good results for both male and female native. It enables the native to enjoy or take away the good positive aspects of Venus without any hurdles.

Venus gets exhalted at Pisces and debilated at Virgo. According to the traditional Zodiac sign alignment, Virgo is…

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