Mercury Moves into Scorpio: 10/24

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Mercury moves into Scorpio today, at 4:46 pm eastern time.

Mercury represents your mind. It’s how you think as well as what you think about. It also represents your communication patterns, how you learn, and how you socialize. It can be siblings, the community around you, or grade school.

Scorpio is shadow energy. It’s everything you may have swept away that needs clearing out. It’s heavy energy, often hurt energy. It deals with trauma, death, loss, control, manipulation, abuse, rape, or abandonment. Anything negative that impacts someone’s psyche. The stuff that impacts how you act with others, without you always realizing why.

Scorpio energy can show where other people have been mean, but it can also make you mean. If you’ve been caring around all that negative energy, you’re vulnerable and feel the need to protect yourself. To do this, you may control, manipulate, or push people to act or speak…

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