Scorpio Season


Scorpio – October 23 through November 22. Three stages of existence: Scorpion, Eagle, and Phoenix. Ancient Ruler: Mars. Modern Ruler: Pluto. Water (Emotional). Fixed (Stubborn). Feminine energy ruled by masculine planets. The underworld, death, sex, vengeance, obsession, power, creativity, passion, devotion, and transformation.

Sounds pretty dark, doesn’t it? Trust me, Scorpios are accused of everything from murderous intentions to the most perverted of pleasures. Scary and sexy, you’ll meet many Scorpios who revel in the descriptors of their sign. Black leather, black boots, blood red lips – a whole world of power and seduction oozing out like a dark fog. And, it can all be true. However, unlike the other signs of the zodiac, Scorpios have three levels of existence they swim in. The choice for ultimate transformation lies within them.

With the ancient ruler of Mars, Scorpio is a warrior, but unlike their Arien brothers and sisters who run…

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