Can Astrology Predict the US Election 2016?

I think the void moon, alone, is enough to make the election unpredictable. Clinton has the lead for now (Oct 20th), but it is as messy and unpredictable as the Moon v/c Bush-Gore in 2000.

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As I normally say, I see astrology as a reader of energies in the cosmos, giving the influences and natal charts give rise to tendencies and traits. I say pretty accurately, as my last few years of doing natal charts has shown me. I also did a chart for the UK Referendum in June, but I didn’t like the look of it so moved on without blogging! So, for a bit of fun, or at least a break from debates and poll updates, I decided to see what astrology says about November 8th 2016.

n.b. For the purpose of this blog, I am staying neutral to both Presidential Candidates.

First up, the natal charts of Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump. Take a look here for in-depth reviews. (

Hilary Clinton (time of birth apparently disputed*)

clinton-h1Highlights: Sun, Mercury, Venus and…

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