#13 Houses – Trikone House -B

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Did you find out the 4 Trikones/ triangles in your Birth Chart ?

Well there are 4 Trikones (Triangles)they are :

  1. Dharma Trikone/ Triangle
  2. Artha Trikone /Triangle
  3. Kama Trikone / Triangle 
  4. Moksha Trikone / Triangle

Let’s Have a look in Brief:

Dharma House:

  1. Houses – 1,5,9represents Dharma
  2. Dharma means Duty, Religion, Doing what is right
  3. It is the most auspicious and important triangle
  4. 1st House is of Self, 5th house is of Children, Mind, emotions and 9th House is of Religion, Fate, your teachers – all this reflects Dharma – or your duty in this Life.



Artha House:

  1. Houses – 10,2,6 represents Artha Houses
  2. Artha Means wealth, material aspects of life, your karma. Artha also represents meaning of life. The materialism that adds meaning to life.
  3. 10th house is the House of Karma – Your career, Professional life, Reputation – 2nd House is all your wealth or things…

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