Conception, beginnings and endings: The Moon’s Nodes Part 3

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To gain the most from the Moon’s Nodes series, please do readPart 1andPart 2.

And now, Part Three…

Moon's Nodes Moon’s Nodes

3. “In my end is my beginning….” (1)

The Nodes have also struck me as having strong connections, in the clustering effect I talked about, with conception, beginnings and endings, of either a literal or more often a symbolic kind.

I found it intriguing, for example, that in the two of Marc’s Turning Points which concerned the beginning of the two key relationships with women which would most powerfully affect his life, the charts for the conception points of the relationships were more powerful than those for the actual start of Marc going out with Beatrice (first wife) and then Caitlin (his long-term partner).

In Mary Shelley’s case, the chart for the waking dream in which she could have been said to have conceived the idea…

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